Let’s stop covid-19 transmission chains

Safely together in exceptional times. Fast and reliable infection tracing tool for healthcare authorities. Koronastoppi is also ideal for restaurants, events, gyms, conferences, retail spaces, buses, trains, churches, libraries, movie theaters. Any place where customers visit.

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Be responsible. Help healthcare professionals trace covid cases.

Show you customers that you’re responsible and help shut down covid.

This is how Koronastoppi works:

The customer logs in

The guest scans the QR-code when they enter the venue and input their cellphone number in the webform. The venue staff can also offer to log in the customer.

You can try logging in with your own smartphone using the adjacent QR-code.

Infection tracing

If a customer is diagnosed with a covid-19 infection, Koronix Oy and the healthcare authorities trace exposed customers in co-operation. They are informed as per official guidelines. The venue avoids negative publicity.

Business, start using Koronastoppi.fi


Customer registry as a service

We administer the registry in accordance to GRPR regulations.

Fast and simple

We will send you easy instructions to show. Customers can register their visit easily with a QR-code.

Co-operating with authorities

Healthcare authorities trace infections in co-operation with Koronix.

Fast tracking

Infection routes are cut efficiently.


Service prices start at 49,90 € per month.

Fortify trust

Avoid negative publicity in case customers become exposed to covid-19.


Restaurants, less than 100 seats


Restaurants, 100 or more seats


Chain restaurants, gyms etc

Pricing by contract, contact us.

Prices do not include 24% VAT.

Business, start using Koronastoppi.fi

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